The Twilight Zone Rocks at 50!

I learned that The Twilight Zone is 50 this year–half a bloody century!  Love The Twilight Zone–how can you not?  I watched a good chunk of the Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi Channel today with my kids and the episodes are still fantastic, insightful and hugely entertaining.  Rod Serling was a genius.  Even more amazing, it fascinated an eight and an eleven year old for hours (I actually had to pull them away eventually, umm, dinner?).  A 50 year old show in black and white with limited special effects.  How’s that for brilliant writing and creativity?

The stories, with their reminders and observations of the human condition and the damn fool things we do as individuals and as a society, are just as applicable today.  Whether examining politics, war, materialism, vanity, or the futile wishes of adults to return to childhood, the episodes still make you think and wonder if we’ll ever learn.  And when I consider our continued presence in Iraq, the crashing of our economy, well . . .

So, a good way to spend the first day of the new year, right?  Certainly gives you a lot to think about (or be pissed about if you want to start out the year in pessimism or cynicism). And if you’ve never checked an episode out (and, really, you have to check out several!), look here for a list of episodes and watch!

Happy New Year!

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Hopeless rantaholic. Lover of witches, wizards, goblins, Disney creatures and characters and land, education, sarcasm, mocking humankind, and, above all else, my family.
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