It’s New Year’s Eve, and like so many others I’m thinking about what’s to come in the next twelve months. Actually, I don’t know about twelve months exactly (horrible with time, really), more like just thinking about what’s to come.  I’m thinking about things I should and shouldn’t do, have to do and want to do.  I’m thinking about how I actually hate New Year’s resolutions and don’t make them.  Why?  We should work on this stuff continuously without any calendar marker that says, “Hey! Get your shit together!” Probably not an original thought, but I do think that, nevertheless.

In reality, resolutions likely come into being on New Year’s Day when one first arises from his or her New Year’s Eve and swears (literally, “Shit!”) what they will never do again and what they absolutely will start doing.  I’m pretty sure that is how New Year’s resolutions were invented.  And, the resolution lasts until they meet up with friends or family for brunch or the Rose Bowl game and just can’t resist those mimosas and little smokies in BBQ sauce.  And I mean, who could? Right?  There’s always next year to make resolutions.
Still, I confess, the flipping over of the hourglass does compel me to consider what I’d like to see happen in my life, what I’d like to do. Travel more, for one.  Stress less about work–big time!  Actually go to more concerts and plays instead of just meaning to do so.  I want to read more books.  And I definitely want (need?) to figure out how to welcome my impending monumental birthday with an embrace rather than a kick.
Anything there worth calling a “resolution”?  Nope.  Not even anything original.  I’ve been thinking about these for a long time now.  Although, the birthday thing does seem feasible since it is going to be the actual year of that birthday (dammit).  So in fact, I can look at that as something that will definitely be resolved this year.  It’s not like I’ll have to deal with that birthday next year, right?  Wow, I feel like I’ve already accomplished something.  Maybe there’s something to this after all. Ha!
Okay, so where do I go from here?  To make or not to make resolutions?  I have no idea.  Keep trying and not give up.  In which case I might pull off some of the aforementioned ideas and even think of a few new ones.  That’s the closest I can come for someone who’s not really a believer in the New Year’s resolution.  It’s just hours until midnight (tick, tick, tick–or whatever sound sand through an hourglass makes). There must be more to start the year with than pot stickers, Asti Spumante (don’t really like champagne), and Dick Clark. Or not . . . I don’t know.  Sometimes I just don’t get it.


About thekayemar

Hopeless rantaholic. Lover of witches, wizards, goblins, Disney creatures and characters and land, education, sarcasm, mocking humankind, and, above all else, my family.
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